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These are my carvings in chronological order. The first seven were made under the guidance of my instructor Stacy Gordine, a Maori master carver from Aotearoa. I can’t express how fortunate we all were to have had access to this man’s experience and generosity.
Thanks Stacy for getting us all off to a good start.

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  1. Hi Tommy,
    Super cool website. Wow, I didn’t realize that you’re so creative. The carvings that I like best are the Puhi and the Organic Ribbon. They should do well at the upcoming craft show. Good luck!
    P.S. Why aren’t there any prices listed?

    • Tom Mehau says:

      Thanks Eva,
      I havenʻt figured out how to sell stuff on this site. I know these guys have made it a lot easier for non-programmers like me to sort of cob together a website like this. But I always come up just a little short and donʻt have quite enough time to learn a little more about it. Then I cop an attitude because the interface doesnʻt just respond automatically to my thoughts and desires.
      But Iʻm working on a store page. Stay tuned.

  2. John Hart says:

    HI Tom and was a pleasure to meet you yesterday as well as Uncle Tomo at the Mauna Kea. I have sent a message on to our gallery owner/manager MarySky regarding how much I appreciated your work and Uncle Tomo’s carvings. I have included the website for our farm in BC which you might enjoy seeing. Your carvings and your drawings are really exceptional…..John

  3. Bruce Bird says:

    Hi Tom

    Came across your work ar The Carving Path.Very well done.Lots of imagination.I like your web site.

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