One Limarik (La’dat)

One time had dis guy from Waimea
Had some stuffs he had wan’ed fo’ shea
He had make dis new blog
Had come shame like one dog
Said frick dis an’ wen ge’dada’dea
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2 Responses to One Limarik (La’dat)

  1. Charles k says:

    Hey cuz think I left MSG on wrong site. Any way love the art e mail or call me ask Rudy for my number talk to you soon

  2. Jim Channon says:

    Tom …bone man in it …love dat! So earnest and persistent …the carvings have solid meanings and intricate folds. Just met your angel Beth. Opening up a tipi lodge today for my temple garden area Hawi side. Love to talk sculpture …big enuf for spaces I have ….when you are holo holo …you guys come by Ohana Artesia … next to transfer station off Kinnersly …on Kaauhuhu rd …no more small talk Ya!

    I had the same attraction to this place since Lemuria ….just had to come from italy …two oceans two continents …it took longer …polyeuropian. still Hawaiian with Mu lineage.

    Your wife is star being …you know this I am sure.

    Me too!


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