New Carving: “Waipiʻo”

So here’s the first carving I made since the big shake-up at the Artists’ Guild, which doesn’t mean anything to you because I hardly even bother keeping up with this thing. In fact I’m not sure if this post is even going to work.

So one time I was knee deep in the river that runs through Waipiʻo Valley, helping my friend scatter the ashes of his young son in the water. OK. That was random. But there was this old Hawaiian man with us and he said something very comforting. He told us what Waipiʻo means. It means circling water. Not like in a whirlpool. But like how it comes down as rain, and falls off the cliffs in those long waterfalls, and runs down the valley in the river and out to sea, where it goes back up into the sky and starts the cycle all over again. What a good thought to have when you’re saying goodbye to a daerly departed, as he winds his way out into the waves.

After I was finished carving this piece, the name of it seemed obvious to me: Waipiʻo

This started as one fat piece of cowbone and now itʻs four pieces all linked together. Pretty steep learning curve, but it ended up alright.

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5 Responses to New Carving: “Waipiʻo”

  1. Roz says:


  2. Carol says:

    We met you recently at Mauna Kea as we were going to brunch. Your work is amazing. Fantastically creative and thought-FULL, and yet you are humble. Still thinking of your ‘swimmers’ piece. Must have it in my home.

  3. Aloha Tommy…thinking about you and all the Waimea Folks. I was so fortunate to run into several people at a showing behind the Kahilu Theatre about a month ago. Where are you these days? Will you be showing at Merrie Monarch? I went to Aotearoa and caught up with Stacy. I told him how we miss him on the island. Sending you and your ohana aloha and hopefully some sunny days..

  4. juwana hopfe says:

    Beautiful, when the elders tell us the meaning of words or places of Hawaii ,it so simple to understand, so beautiful,

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