A new carving

Pretty stoked with this one. Just finished it today. It, along with the Lua Man and the Wahine*, comes from a book called Hawaiian Sculpture by J. Halley Cox with William H. Davenport (1974, University of Hawaii Press). The pictures in the book are intriguing and I’ve felt compelled to recreate some of them to the best of my ability. This one here was just wildly inspiring. Wish I could have seen the real things as references. But they’re interpretations, and I had a blast…

* Check out Lua Man and Wahine on the Carvings page.

Kala mai a mea culpa. I originally made this post last Friday and erroneously refered to the Merrie Monarch Festival and Invitational Arts Fair as a “crafts fair”. Sorry Nelson. The gang from Waimea Artists’ Guild has been invited to this prestigious event. We’ll be at  booth #106 in the Butler Building. I donʻt have much inventory but together we should make a decent debut.

The photo and my rendition

The transfer to bone.

An early stage.

Getting there...


The finished pendant.

Ok so that’s it for now…

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One Response to A new carving

  1. yojimbo says:

    RIGHTOUS BRA! Uncle Tom has found his way. Way to go my brother. Love it!
    I want one…..you crack me up. You say you have only a small amount of inventory. Come On. Start channeling brother Myqi in HNL and get prolific.

    Any thoughts of selling these ARTifact’s (sic) on a small kine large scale? Like maybe in RON HERMAN JP? Gonno go look at more carvings.

    see ya

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